Dawn Hunters Sailboat Vlog


30 years of engineering, upgrading offshore oil rigs, and hunting mines in Africa Captain W randomly in Miami Beach bumps into Author-Photographer Iana in a small off the beaten path French Crepe restaurant. From a shy “hello, I am not good with people and my English is not that great” to a glass of wine! 


Fast forward a few months and the two are 5 miles out at sea, full moon and faces covered in black soot from a bad heater (the heater was on due to 30 degree temperatures). In the middle of November off the coast of Annapolis piloting his 1984 - 45 foot motor yacht on the way to Miami. Run into an underwater island, encounter 8 foot waves at 3:00am, and caught a line on the prop. (One day Iana will tell this full story)!

So 2 weeks later I tell Iana I am heading back to complete the voyage her firm words rang out “not without me!!!

The old salts say that if you catch a mermaid don’t let her go—love together at sea will be stronger than on land. Well needless to say Iana is my mermaid. 

From this very first passage we fast forward to an amazing small wedding,  followed by fresh lobster sandwiches. During that meal “with 6 foot now Wife influencer”  and against my better judgement we now have embarked on renovating a 1985 Steel Hull Motor Sail built in Holland by De Vries/Fedship. Appropriately we named her Dawn Hunter who will be our home and circumnavigation vessel. 


Now after living aboard our 45 foot motor yacht for a year we decided to take you with us on the journey. 

Our adventures far too wild and many to not share with the rest of those who dream to “Ketch” this life. 


Subscribe to our channel, like us, and follow along as we update the DAWN HUNTER and prepare her for world travel. 


From “Dock Box” topics that will bore you to death but teach you new tricks, to “boat yard blues” where nothing goes as planned, and “Rotten Fish Score” ratings of other boats we hope to bring you along. 

Due to the COVID19 our business has all but closed so we looked to each other and decided let’s get the boat done sooner and leave with what we have. Here we go!! 

Iana and I hope to bring you laughter, adventure, wonderful blue waters and a way for your dreams to become realty. 

Now for Dawn Hunters away! “Going nowhere fast”